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Ivan "IVJ” Jones is a Tampa, Florida native who currently resides in Atlanta is a music producer, writer, arranger, instrumentalist and engineer, whose style of production is well received because of his engineering skills and his expertise in the music industry. With influences rooted in soul, r&b, jazz and hip hop music, he is inspired by The Isely Brothers, Al green, D-train, Loose Ends, Eazy–E which helped him refine his smooth sound, which makes his music recognizable. Outfitted with the latest studio home gear from manufactures such as Akai MPC 2000, Roland Phatom X8 , Rupert Neve, Alesis QSR; software pro-tools and Cubase applications.

As he became in demand he started supervising and managing recording sessions, recording, coaching artist, mixing and mastering to ensure a quality product. His music productions feature a classic sound ranging from lukewarm to crystal clear in sonic sound. As he developed a technique that would combine protools and reel- to- reel together earning himself the name the man with the goods because of his precise touch. He has an understanding of putting together hits, musical compositions, songwriting, tracking, mixing, sequencing and mastering of music .In his journey he continues to find a happy medium between commercialism and creativity.

As he honed and perfected his skills and sounds, he’s learned how to control the recording sessions, coaching and guiding of the musician and artist, as well as organizing and scheduling production budget and resources. As a producer he’s supervised the recording, mixing and mastering process to insure a quality product. As he became in demand he started supervising and managing recording sessions, recoding mixing and mastering process to ensure a quality sonic sound.

What We Do

World Pulse Music Group was conceived with the creative professional industry in mind to act as a sustainable music production company. We have the state-of-the-art studio with sophisticated equipment ready to produce, write, compose in multi-purpose, along with pro -audio & digital recordings that combine the latest in digital and analog. World Pulse Music staff has worked with Rapheal Saddiq, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik,Lucy Pearl, Mac 10, Shorty of the Lynch Mob, Battle Cat, Ice T, Sunshine Anderson, Battle Cat, Barbara Sheree, Interscope Records, and Soulife productions, Death Row Records. With our excellent technical ability with our in-house talented engineers, mixers & project managers service all genres of projects. Having had a long-standing reputation in the music industry we are confident in meeting your needs. World Pulse Music studio keeps your rates reasonable to meet your bottom line.

hip-hop is what makes the world go around.
-Snoop Dogg